Merging the instrumental and ambient slant of The Orb with a bubbly yet subtle push associated with the likes of The Feeling does seem a strange broth. In this case of Los Angeles’ Paul Avion and his low-key but effective backing band, it certainly has its charms. For ‘Ménage a Trois’, the inclusion of a coaxing femme element, emboldens the calming impact.

A vocal hold of the Neil Finn ilk reaches out through ‘Stand Up, Be A Man’ and it harks back to the days when pop music was expansive and relaxing.

‘New Years Eve 3005’, whilst giving the impression of a futurist NU Rave stomp, is indeed a calming, hushed percussion crunching folk/ambient/pop mould that allows Avion to give his vocals a mood instilling drag.

Tender, but life trodden messages are delivered through a relaxed gait. Avion gives off the impression that he is just about managing to stay a yard ahead of burdening worry.

Released: Sun 2nd Mar 2008