Laura-Mary Carter who provides the voice, guitar churn and chutzpah to Blood Red Shoes is well on her way to becoming the Shirley Manson of this millennium. With this teetering mild rock slide of a single this piercing pair strides ever closer to their debut album release. That could establish the Brightonians as atmospheric indie royalty.

Laura-Mary is already seen by many as an independent minded soul whose guitar churning and sturdily defiant vocals, providing a firm base from which to communicate the outfit’s uncompromising perspective. For ‘You Bring Me Down’, she seems more than qualified to communicate the turmoil surrounding the difficulties of letting your heart win the battle against your head, in regards to personal issues.

This dilemma reaches boiling point when they build up to a crunching chorus, whereby the strident guitars wrap around the knocking, rock sure and tone increasing drum combinations of Steve Ansell. Integrity is retained, yet a radio friendly anthem is conjured up, it’s all going right for Blood Red Shoes.

Released: Sun 3rd Feb 2008