Posted Monday 23rd of Apr 2007 by Gillian Couch in Reviews

The View - The Don

The View - The Don
This single metaphorically screams "hooray summer’s here!" The Don features all the jolliness of a fairground in lovely orangey sunshine with the initial merry-go-round-like melodies. This steadily develops into a quicker pace, heavier beats and louder vocals that inspire you to wave your arms around and dance with joy.

The Don is more fun and less repetitive than Same Jeans, but is just as catchy and recognisable. The lyrics are also pretty indecipherable due to The View’s lovely Scottish-ness, but there is talk of ‘sitting round a shop’, ‘treasure of overrated games’ and ‘stealing milk bottles’. So for anyone who used to sit outside shops during lunch breaks at school (not that I’m talking from experience,) this song is innocently appealing. After listening over and over, and enjoying it more every time, it is clear to see that this song is going to be huge in the summer. It deserves to be anyway.

Released: Mon 16th Apr 2007
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