The View are one of the most diverse bands in the UK. At one end of the scale they have the ability to make some great tunes like ‘Wasted Little DJ’ and ‘Superstar Tradesmen’ which I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves spinning round the dance floor to on a Saturday night. Yet at the other end of the scale, they seem to be equal as good at making completely rubbish records, ones with no passion, no charisma and ones you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy.
Unfortunately new single ‘The Don’ falls into the latter category. To start with you can’t make out a word of what Kyle is singing and for all we know it may not even be English, more like some mythical language he has made up himself to fool us all. And even singing aside, it’s lost all the furious enthusiasm and appeal of the previous singles, making it nothing but a bland piece of generic indie rock. Shame on you The View. You can do better.

Released: Tue 3rd Apr 2007