The most successful pop artists around are the ones that have caught onto the fact that it doesn’t matter how crap a song is, as long as its catchy (see Kylie Minogue, Pussycat Dolls, et al).

Unfortunately, so have some of the more mediocre ones, which means that this song is very likely lodge its pseudo-electro stylings and limping beat into your short-term memory and be harder to remove than a ‘traveller’ from a big patch of grass. Don’t get me wrong, the Ellis-Bextor of latter days deserved respect, if only for her part in ‘Groovejet’, but these days, as much as I hate to say it, she has become no better than a Halliwell – with a bigger face.

I guess there are some likeable parts of this single – the harmonies in the chorus, for example, make me want to sing along briefly – but there just aren’t enough of these parts to outweigh its weaknesses. I can’t even pick out any really negative bits, because it’s just so horribly nondescript. Ultimately, I think that the best way to judge a good pop song is if people will sing it on karaoke in ten or twenty years’ time, and unfortunately for Soph, even in 2026 people will take ‘Don’t Cha’ over this any day.

Released: Wed 14th Feb 2007