One of this year’s most eagerly awaited albums has finally arrived. Hats off to the Buskers is the debut album from hot new Dundonian’s The View, the top tip to be the most likely to succeed in ’07. As you might have come expect, from witnessing some of their energetic live performances, the album is filled with true rock ‘n’ roll gems.

From the raucous opener of Comin’ Down to the 30 seconds of final track Typical Time, the album is full of classic tunes in waiting. While it is clear inspiration has come from great bands such as Oasis and The Libertines they manage to stray away from just being a copycat band by putting their own edge into the songs, with their Scottish accents and Kyle’s unique vocal delivery.

Signed to James Endeacott’s indie label 1965 Records, the 14 track strong album delivers. From the chart topping singles Wasted Little DJ’s and Superstar Tradesman (both charting at number 15) new single Same Jeans to the somewhat slower songs such as Claudia and Face for the Radio, this is an album that will delight all devoted fans. Especially with the inclusion of live favourite Skag Trendy, a song about a drug-fuelled boy with no friends, home, girlfriend and containing the repeated line he made a mistake. Opening with a killer bass line and sung by bassist Kieren in his thick Scottish accent it is defiantly a highlight of the album.

Other songs include Don’t Tell Me, with the opening line ''I don’t know what I have done/ But I’m sure I will in the next five seconds'', which has a rather jangly guitar solo with added whistling, while in Streetlights Kyle blissfully sighs looks at the streetlight what a pretty sight over sweet sounding guitars. Suggesting there is more than just one side to The View, although someone does shout stop at then end.

Keep a close eye on these Scottish youngsters, as they are going to completely take over 2007. Expect to see them at a festival near you this summer, not before they have burnt every venue that can hold the band as well as their ecstatic fans. For as we have been told many, many times before, The View really are on fire.

Released: Tue 16th Jan 2007