There’s something about SebastiAn’s block rocking beats that make you want to strut. The success of this strutting will largely depend on the listener’s ability to resist clunking around like an android, because those jaggedly welded samples are crying out for a bit of robotix.

The Gallic outfit’s latest offering – 7 previously released original tracks and 7 remixes – is a compelling, if at times baffling compilation. In terms of high points it’s hard to look beyond title track Ross Ross Ross, a raucous mesh of truncated samples causing the involuntary thrusting of body parts. In fact, all three opening tracks, representing SebastiAn’s most recent work, succeed in getting le blood pumping. The varying rhythms and experimental sounds (Head/Off seems to feature a psychotic Commodore 64) work well together, and there’s enough cleanness to the production to get the most stolid cynic’s foot tapping.

SebastiAn’s earlier material is darker, more broody stuff, and it’s hard work at times, with tracks such as Smoking Kills (?) offering such a quagmire of sound that you may find yourself casting suspicious glances towards your stereo. Thankfully, when tracks from the likes of Daft Punk, Kelis, and Mylo are given a SebastiAn makeover in the second half of the compilation, their funky side that shines through and you can slip back into your dancing clogs.

Released: Thu 14th Dec 2006