The first support act was a man who looked like a roadie. He wandered onto the stage at about 7.45 to a sparse crowed, played two of his own songs then a cover of Oasis Talk Tonight to a rather bemused looking audience. He left, rather reluctantly, to baffled yet enthusiastic applause.
The next support act where Dundee four piece The Law. These played an incredible set to much enthusiastic cheering and applause from the ever growing crowd. They are really amazing and you should go and see them as soon as possible, before they become the next big thing to hail from Scotland.
The third and final support act had two lead singers a sleazy winking guitarist, bassist and drummer who played his heart out, was clearly the best on the stage but was shoved to the back and hidden behind the cymbals! A rethink is needed here surely? The singers where incoherent and appeared to be heavily influenced by The Streets, just no where near as good.
Finally, as the chants of "The View, The View, The View are on Fire", the boys stroll onstage to a packed-out audience, looking cool and confident. They open with Comin’ Down and the crowd goes wild with much pushing, shoving, dancing, jumping cheering, arm waving and crowd surfing.
They play a hard, fast and furious set, including a selection of tracks from their forth coming debut album Hats of to the Buskers, including Don’t Tell Me, Streetlights, Wasteland and Posh Boys as well as b-side Up the Junction. Suspiciously the audience knew many of the lyrics already, as they sang and shouted along at the tops of their voices.
Kyle and Kieren swapped guitar, bass and vocal duties for two tracks, including live favourite Skag Trendy. Wasted Little DJ’s was an obvious winner, as was the new single Same Jeans. They played right through, without an encore ending with the excellent Superstar Tradesman as the crowd went completely wild.
There’s is really only one last thing to say, and that is: The View, The View, The View Are On Fire!

Released: Mon 11th Dec 2006