Foo Fighters. One of the greatest rock shows on earth, no one can deny that. What can be argued is how they have sustained such success over years on the road? They never fail to blow away stadiums full of people but are we currently watching the best lineup the band have seen and are the albums as strong as they used to be? Woah! Some argue Dave Grohl made the best stuff all by himself and now his band are merely here to fulfill the on-stage dream of a drummer turned frontman. The same critic people have been throwing at this band for ten years now. Without the sheik of grunge-spattered Pat Smear, Grohl is the only remaining Nirvana member and since those days in the mid-nineties rock hasn’t been the same. Fearfully verging on the controversial and careful not to step out of line, it could be said Foo Fighters haven’t made a good album since The Colour and The Shape, but by all accounts they haven’t disappointed a live audience anywhere on the planet. The live show is never the same twice and the renditions are improvised and extended. This album Skin and Bones is the first live Foo Fighters album and a follow-up to their double album ‘In Your Honour’. It’s a special recording, a fans treat and an intimate insight into a concert from a band we are used to seeing blowing away arenas. Nirvana’s last album Unplugged in New York comes to mind and the nostalgia this alone generates might be enough to make you love and treasure this recording. Add string section and the return of Pat Smear and Foo Fighters are an eight-piece on this record. Skin and Bones includes one of Dave Grohl’s earliest songs, Marigold, written and recorded with Nirvana but never released. My Hero is the stand-out track and all the songs are presented in a fresh glowing light. Overall it is a collector’s album that covers all eras of the greatest stadium rock band of the millennium so far, from their first album to the last.

Released: Thu 30th Nov 2006