‘Vato’ (Spanish slang for latino-thug) is the first single taken from Snoop’s 8th studio album, entitled ‘The Blue Carpet Treatment’ and features guest-vocals from Cypress Hill’s B-Real.

Amidst all of the controversy surrounding Snoop’s recent run-in with the law, you can’t help but think that any potential prosecution lawyer would have a field day with the lyrics of this Neptunes-produced track. Snoop’s collaborations with The Neptunes/Pharrell Williams in recent years have resulted in considerable commercial Worldwide success ; however, even though ’Vato’ may lack such commercial-appeal, any fan of Snoop Dogg or West-coast rap will appreciate the influence of the old-school West-coast mentality within this song; credit must go to The Neptunes for managing to combine their own sound with the classic elements of the original West-coast scene.

The song itself tells a story of respect, dishonour and retribution, with Snoop proclaiming his allegiance to his tough roots and the status he believes he‘s earned. This includes, allegedly, reminding certain people not to punch above their weight; B-Real’s chorus reminds of this obvious stupidity;

“I saw these pack a guys and they act real hard...
They twisted fingers say that you know who we are...
He said: I don’t give a fuck, I’m Snoop Doggy Dogg …”

Snoop delivers some straight-up classic West-coast gangster-rap on this record, with B-Real contributing a mind-sticking, melodically-chilling narrative during the chorus. You only need to hear the opening lines to set your own mind frame for the rest of this song; it’s Snoop doing what he does best, being an arrogant, over-confident hoodlum, but you can’t help but love it in this story. The ability to tell a story like this in such a convincing manner is something that rarely succeeds; Snoop Dogg is back!!

The album, ’The Blue Carpet Treatment’ is out in the UK on 27th November, 2006 (Geffen Records).

Released: Thu 9th Nov 2006