A single should represent where an album is coming from, the headspace the band are in and be either the pinnacle of the record or one of it’s strongest moments; after all, this is normally someone’s first contact with the band.

Taking Back Sunday’s new single whispers mediocrity and feels like the weakest member of the pack has escaped and you’re hearing the last few moments of its demise.
‘Twenty-twenty surgery’ could well be the worst song on their critically lauded album ‘Louder Now’, begging the question “Why is this the single?”

Taking Back Sunday are capable of some inspired quiet and melodic melancholy - this song is not one of those moments - in fact it’s not really anything except bland and uninteresting, some may argue it’s catchy, but so are jingles for car insurance.
The whole single should be avoided as it’s not an honest reflection of what TBS can do but simply an insulting piece of disposable pop/rock that’s only made worse by the fact there are no extra’s or any other songs on the c.d, rendering it completely pointless.

Released: Tue 15th Aug 2006