Craig David’s back! Bo Selector’s favourite impression has said that this time he is writing the music his way, not the record company’s way as he claimed he had to with his previous album. Big claim, as David’s past material was interesting with infamous catchy chorus’ that the world and their dog would sing in the shower.

In this vein then, it seems that the record company do know best, with All The Way the first from the new album The Story Goes, not proving to be very inspirational.

Thankfully he’s still chatting up the ladies, as “ “ speaks about getting ladies home and then seducing them, but by now it all sounds a bit desperate. Can he still go all week?

However, this tune has definitely got the catchy hook of a chorus, which sticks in your brain and won’t release you. For a pop R’n’B tune it will do and will keep those kids busting their groove, but for those of us who like a bit more substance in our music this is a disappointment.

Released: Thu 18th Aug 2005