Helen Boulding: The Innocents

Four years on from her crisp, well-crafted debut album, Sheffield’s Helen Boulding has found a digital skips and sacrifices some of her old crispness for a little more gruffness and a digital stride, ‘The Innocents’.

Song-crafting ability that sees a wandering digital lag, sturdy acoustic strumming and Boulding’s sincere, worrisome vocal stride, all builds up to a controlled, percussion shattering nudged chorus; the coup de grace being the flighty, stammering delivery of a mystically uplifting chorus:
“Whooo-ooo; we are the innocents, we have to give up making sense.”

On this evidence it won’t be long before the currently independent artist Helen Boulding starts to get the recognition that debut album ‘New Redress’ deserves.

Rating: 4/5

Released: Thu 14th Jun 2012