I must admit that I didn’t know the music of Sheffield rockers Two Skies until they e-mailed me with details of this double a-side release. And I’m glad they did because this pair of very different songs marks them as a band with a future.

Lucky starts with some big guitar riffs. The kind of riffs that get your feet tapping as soon as you hear them. The drums join in, solid and powerful, and the bass anchors things nicely with a firm beat. There is power aplenty in this track, yet the pace slows as the vocals come in and they echo in commanding fashion, filling the space. This three minute track uses change of pace well, the music rising and falling, but with those riffs never too far away. And the quality of the vocals stands out, the lyrics delivered clearly yet passionately throughout.

4am is a slower track, a subtle guitar and a gentle drum beat backing even vocals that tell of insomnia. Then the pace rises and the vocals take off, showing power yet staying nicely on key. And the psychedelic sounding guitar solo towards the end of the track is beautiful. There’s a lovely atmospheric quality to 4am that gives it an edge, yet it sounds restrained too. Apart from that great solo of course.

A bit of research tells me that Two Skies are a three piece band, which surprised me because there sounds like at least two guitars on these tracks. Dan Cutts handles the vocals and guitar, with Oliver Harrap on drums and Jamie Cheetham on bass.

Two Skies have been playing live across the UK and have already supported the likes of Ultrasound, Detroit Social Club, Bookhouse Boys, Howling Bells and Joy Formidable. I have a feeling that their rock sound will go down very well in a live setting.

I’ll be looking out for future tour dates, that’s for sure.

Released: Thu 26th Apr 2012