Beautiful Losers album is the result of two men whose paths crossed and together created a wonderful testament to their prodigious musical heritage.

Eddy Temple-Morrisis XFM’s legendary trailblazer, DJ, producer, remixer and dance floor provocateur of the highest order. He coined the phrase ‘Ibiza Rocks’, was their first resident and has been largely credited with seducing a generation of rockers to loosen their belts and think with their hips. He is one half of Losers. Tom Bellamyis a keyboard, FX pedal and guitar legend whose chiseled cheekbones and wild techno-noise became an integral part of arguably the most progressive band of the 90’s, The Cooper Temple Clause. Their legendary studio, 'Bleak House', became Tom's domain when Coopers split and this Noughties British indie shrine in rural Berkshire was where Beautiful Losers was created.

If you were cooking this album you would start heating Soulwax Night Versions, Prodigy, Leftfield, Orbital and Mansun. Add the uplifting and melodic ingredients of Robert Miles with the coolness of Kris Menace (Sirenna), the deep and unctuous beats Underworld with a splash of Killing Joke (Three Colours), add the dark and sensual influences of Massive Attack (Azan) and the haunting poignancy of Janes Addiction (Summertime Rolls featuring guest vocalist Brian Molko) and its getting really hot in the kitchen. Finish off with a hint of Grime (Flush) and a slice of disco doom (Katana) and we’re on fire!

Whilst Losers unashamedly doff their caps to the inspirational icons of the nineties dance movement, the influence of today’s most talented producers such as Alex Metric and Adam Freeland are clearly embraced all over the album, not just monumental tracks such as Flush (firstsingle to be released off the album and featuring the sublime work of artist Dan Hillier in the video – over 100,000 views on Youtube) and the gorgeously twisted epic Talk To The Hand. Losers have clearly displayed their mastery of writing and orchestrating an absolute classic, timeless dance album. And one that rocks.

Losers live show features Tom Bellamy on vocals, guitar and keyboard, Eddy on bass and keyboard, and Camilla Morris on drums plus guest vocalists like Riz MC, Envy, Marcus Midimidi and Pablo Decoder. The live show is a full-on electronic, bowel shaking assault so don’t even dream of missing out. See below for details of live dates coming up.

*Notes to Editors - This is a nice anecdote that you have permission to publish:

The album features very special guest Brian Molko from Placebo singing on Losers cover of Janes Addiction’s Summertime Rolls’, the instrumental of which Eddy and Tom sent to Brian to consider putting the vocals onto. Within 24 hours of hearing the track Brian called the Losers to threaten them…..” If you let anyone else sing on this track I’ll have them killed!” Thankfully Robert Harvey of The Music, lives on.

*Sirenna (Today We See Colour) is due for release on September 6thon Gung-Ho! Recordings*

Track Listing:

1. Three Colours
2. No Man Is and Island (Losers Theme)
3. Nothing Will Die
4. Flush
5. Never Meant To be
6. Azan
7. Sirenna
8. Katana
9. Talk To The Hand
10. Summertime Rolls