A year ago one man’s life was changed forever when George Ryan became the Rebel Bingo World Champion 2009. Now the time has come to find a new underground superstar.

What started in a church hall in 2009 has become a global underground movement. People will come from far and wide for their shot at the title. Only one will walk away triumphant, but everyone will have the night of their lives.

The Rebel Bingo World Championships 2010 will take place in a secret location somewhere in London on 31st July. The prizes will be bigger and the music will be louder. It will be intense and seriously emotional as one person is crowned Rebel Bingo World Champion 2010 and will instantly become the stuff of underground legend.

As always, you can win the best stuff we can blag from iwantoneofthose.com, as well as some new insane prizes.

If you think you have what it takes, then get practicing your Rebel Bingo skills. This is a game where only the strong survive.

As always, we have to keep things on the down low to avoid detection, so the meeting will be disguised as a Global Banking & Finance Convention.

Saturday 31 July
9pm – 2am
Somewhere in London….
Tickets and info from link

Club Rules:
No old people.
No boring people.
No wankers.

A year ago we were throwing parties in a church hall. At the end of the night we would hang out in the basement. The church grannies had a bingo kit stored there, and one night we started messing around with it. We knew it was wrong, but it felt good. Things got out of control, and it ended up as a mental bingo party. It was dangerous. We weren't supposed to be there, in the basement, and we definitely weren't supposed to be experimenting with bingo. It was amazing. Better than sex. Better than real life. We had found somewhere we belonged. Somewhere we could do what we wanted to, where noone was watching. We called it The Underground Rebel Bingo Club.

We wanted more people to feel the way we were feeling. We moved the club upstairs to the church hall. It went mental. People were dancing on tables, screaming and drawing on each other. Hundreds of people started turning up every week, but we still had to hide what we were doing from the church the whole time. Eventually we got rumbled by the church warden and we got kicked out of the church hall. It was dangerous and addictive, but we couldn't let it stop. We needed it.

We started operating in secret locations all over the place. Our numbers are growing fast. We’re spreading across the country. We now have chapters in London, Brighton, Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester and very soon we’re crossing the pond to New York. It’s out of control. It’s out of our hands. The movement has gone global and now it’s time for us to come together to find a Rebel Bingo World Champion.

It will set off explosions in your brain. It will make your ears bleed. It will put your heart in your mouth. And you will like it. If you think you’re ready, if you think you can handle it, and you believe you have what it takes to rule the world of Underground Rebel Bingo….then come join us.

Just don’t tell anyone.

Shhhhh. Yeah?