Jukebox Sunshine is the brand new single taken from The Holloways hugely anticipated new album ‘No Smoke, No Mirrors’ released 05/10/09 on Madfish.

Feeling reborn is a rare treat; but The Holloways resilience in recent times has led to what feels like a rebirth. Reaping such a rare reward was the first step along the clear path that now lies ahead for a band who once again have much to smile about; not that The Holloways had stopped smiling – not for a very long time anyway. ‘The Sun doesn’t always shine’ is one of the band’s phrases to live by along with ‘everything happens for a reason’.

2008 had been an emotional rollercoaster for the band with many factors conspiring to prevent exciting new material (recorded at the legendary Sawmills) getting the full-scale releases they deserved. An extended battle with their American label and then the unthinkable; smoke billowed and flames raged through The Holloways HQ and home – Nambucca - in December last year destroying almost everything in it’s path. But fast forward a couple of months to early 2009 and all is looking up, Alfie Jackson and Bryn Fowler are joined by two new members Mike Baker (guitar) and Edwin Harris (drums) – new band, new tracks, new luck – it appears everything does happen for a reason…

Jukebox Sunshine, the lead single from the new album is set to be a huge summer anthem. It has all the hallmarks of The Holloways we know and love, jam-packed with rampant pop spirit and humour but with a little something extra. From the moment the pizzicato strings and backbeat kick in its apparent that after the next two minutes and thirty seconds, no matter what, you will feel better – guaranteed. From the harmonically rich layered guitars to the huge sing along chorus this is a track that promises to keep the summer alive. Lyrically Jackson re-affirms the band’s positivity and direction proclaiming ‘I just want to have a good time, throw the past into the night’ in the middle eight. This is a band that has given themselves a new lease of life and are loving it.

Jukebox Sunshine is released 28/09/09 on Madfish.