Wilderness is thrilled to announce another completely unmissable spectacle: the one, the only… Alternative Miss Wilderness with Andrew Logan.

Never has anything like this been witnessed before at a UK Festival. An inspired, progressive UK festival exclusive, Wilderness invite the audience to don their feathers, unfurl their wings and shine!

Wilderness are searching for stars. Entries open on Friday 20th April Click here to enter. When Andrew Logan recently went on sale with his forthcoming 2018 pageant it crashed The Globe Theatre’s website and sold out instantly! For those that were not lucky enough to get tickets this is your opportunity to witness and participate in Alternative Miss Wilderness.

Since 1972, artist Andrew Logan has hosted his celebrated Miss Alternative World pageants whenever he feels the time is right. It celebrates the different and celebrates transformation - attracting global audiences. The shows have become cult events, welcoming the likes of Grayson Perry, Leigh Bowery, Derek Jarman, Angie Bowie, David Bailey and more to grace its surrealist stage.

Inspired by Crufts, the sentiment behind the competition explodes the mythology of beauty, creativity and self-expression in glittering, dazzling, rainbow-framed technicolour.

The Alternative Miss World’s focus lies not on beauty - but around transformation in a world where creativity, equality and the unique can be celebrated. Without any rehearsals, anything can happen and often does: expect the unexpected.

The Wilderness pageant is themed ‘Secrets’. Deepest, darkest, most divine. Competitors will model their finest ‘Lakewear’ in the Costume Category and of course, take part in an on-stage Personality Interview. For this unique version of the pageant - The Alternative Miss Wilderness – the Judging Panel is formed of Andrew Logan and his sister Janet, who has competed in every single pageant since 1972 but never won. This is a Wilderness one-off.


Enter the competition to win a chance to compete and be crowned the inaugural ‘Alternative Miss Wilderness’.

Wilderness and Andrew Logan are inviting everyone and anyone to send in audition tapes to enter the pageant.

Successful entrants will win a ticket to the festival for themselves and a make-up artist/stylist/groupie to help preen and perfect their look backstage before taking to the catwalk to wow the Wilderness crowd.

To enter, those interested should follow the link to submit their audition tape, answering three questions with their most unique responses.

Remember, the judges are looking for Poise, Personality and Originality.

Showtime is Sunday 5th August at 13.00 at one of this year’s new stages, The Be All and End Hall.

Take a chance and throw your bejewelled top hat in the ring… Or just dress up, come down and cheer them on. Not to be missed.