Slowlines (FKA Slowlights) a new indie-rock band from London, release EP number two "this feels like the end" on Friday 13th April 2018 through AWAL.

Somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, Dan, Tim, Steve and Bill recorded the new EP before they underwent a name change and battle with an American band of the same former name. "The new EP signifies the end of what we were and a new beginning, new sounds”, says Tim on the new EP, “we have pushed our creative boundaries to become something much more than another indie band”.

The band have just returned from recording more new music, and play their first show under the new name on April 26th at the Old Blue Last in London as part of Live Nation’s SOURCE shows.

'This Feels Like The End’ is a collection of songs about being unsure of what’s you’re doing with your life, in a job you don’t like, feeling conflicted about the difficulties of making Music in 2018, and occasional self-destruction. Lead single, 'This Feels Like The End’ is a song about exactly all that.

The band pride themselves on the fact that their efforts are 100% DIY, "doing everything on our own means we can do whatever we want and makes all the things we achieved so much more satisfying”. This includes their new video, released at the end of this month, on which they comment “We made the video ourselves with our amazing director and photographer friend Fraser Taylor, all in the studio during breaks from recording, we’re
excited to release this to the world along with our new music”.

With musical salutes to ambient noise makers Amber Run and Peace as well as nods to the more riff-filled Arcade Fire and Bombay Bicycle Club, as well as influences from War on Drugs and the music industry's Marmite - Coldplay, the band's latest EP this feels like the end delivers wholeheartedly and shows a real progression to the Slowlines sound, a
continuation of a journey to the edge of the Indie-Rock universe that this band are just beginning.

This Feels Like The End is out April 13th on Apple Music and Spotify.

Slowlines live:
April 26: Old Blue Last, London