If there are two hobbies that seem to go hand in hand, they are rock and roll and slot games. Surprised? it's not that odd, to be honest. Both tap into the exciting, daring nature that sits below the surface, and both offer people a chance to act reckless and blow off steam, whether it be in a tense virtual slot, or in the middle of a mosh pit.

What’s more, rockers through the ages have given their likenesses and personalities to slot games, fitting in with the nature of the game. We’ve trawled through the best online casinos to find the top rock-themed online slots and are reviewing them below.

The iconic band are a natural fit with all things casino, and the slot game is no exception. The savoir-faire attitude that Motorhead bring to the table is reflective of indulging in some online gaming. The Motorhead game uses footage from actual Motorhead shows and infuses the music of the band with the classic slot gameplay. The wild is an Ace of Spades badge, and Lemmy himself features as a symbol. Winning spins are greeted with sound bytes from the band themselves.

Kiss are renowned for offering their likenesses to institutions that might attract Kiss fans – from the film Role Models, to the countless Family Guy episodes that Gene Simmons himself has starred in or even the infamous Kiss coffin. So, it’s only natural that they’d lend their likeness to an online slot game. The game, available through Casumo, utilises the trend of video slots to produce a "rock and roll experience like no other". The Colossal Reels feature creates another reel alongside the main one, that can be affected by the gameplay, adding another element to the slot game.

Jimi Hendrix
The NetEnt-developed Jimi Hendrix game, available on the Video Slots casino, takes classic 1960s iconography in order to populate the game with the era that Hendrix is best known for. The slot utilises the melodies Hendrix created, including Purple Haze and Crosstown Traffic, in order to allow players to remember one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s greatest inductees - or even to introduce them to his music.

Guns N Roses
The Guns N Roses video slot also encompasses how far online slots have come, yet also harking back to the golden age of rock music - the late '80s and early '90s. The slot features snippets of the songs and clips of the band while taking the iconic gun and rose imagery to form the basis of the reel play. The game is inspired by the best era of Guns N Roses and the one that fans will most likely enjoy, leaving the newer material that polarised opinion out of it.

The blending together of rock music and online slots works well. The music lends itself to the tension and excitement that can come with playing slots, while the gameplay is relatively easy enough for fans of the bands to play if they’ve never played slot before. But the best thing is that long-time fans of the rockers can interact with their favourite musicians in a modern way, especially for those who are no longer on the circuit.