Despite the fact that he's pushing 70 years old, Alice Cooper's influence on the rock music scene has never waned and the Michigan native's legacy still remains firmly entombed in the upper echelons of heavy metal. Cooper's raucous, haggard vocals are a thing of music legend and armed with some of the darkest lyrical content of the era, Cooper and his eponymous band finally gained international fame and recognition with their 1970 hit, I'm 18. With death-defying stunts playing a big part in the band's live shows throughout the early 1970's, Cooper firmly cemented his role as the godfather of theatrics within the heavy metal scene. Love him or hate him, it was easy to recognise that this was a man and his band who simply enjoyed making music and this was arguably what resonated with audiences all over the world the most.

The band's impressive live performances and the accompanying theatrics had a significant impact on both the rock scene and popular culture, with the band moonlighting as a travelling musical horror show of sorts. Make-up was in and everyone wanted an Alice Cooper t-shirt of some sort or other related merchandise to showcase their affection for their new hero. Oddly enough, Cooper was even featured in a graphics only hack of the popular Nintendo game Super Mario where players could play as Alice Cooper and to this day, there are video games being made based on the musical icon, where users can play slots online whilst listening to some of the band's music, all while battling deadly snakes and other dangerous enemies.

Back in May of this year, Alice Cooper was joined on stage in Nashville by original band members Michael Bruce (guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Neal Smith as the band performed performed a five-song mini set, accompanied by the band's current guitarist Ryan Roxie. Whilst there have been a number of moderately successful reunion attempts over the years, this was the first time that the original line-up had been back together since the bands disbandment back in 1975. However, this was the first indication that Cooper was being sincere when he mused in a recent interview that the band had simply "burned out" and that were was "no bad blood" behind the disbandment of the band.
Long time fans of Alice Cooper and his band were therefore left delighted and somewhat unsurprised in equal measure when it was announced that the original line-up were reuniting for a UK tour in the winter of 2017, before going on to travel the world. Starting in Leeds, the band embarked on a 5 date tour which included visits to Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester and culminated in a final UK performance at London's Wembley arena on November 16. Reviews of the shows were overwhelmingly positive in the main, with many praising Cooper for his vocal performance which, although understandably ravaged by time, still carries that gritty, gruff tone which makes him one of the standout rock vocalists of all time.

Source: Alice Cooper via Facebook

In the current climate of musical comebacks, it's fair to say that some groups are quite obviously only in the business of making a quick buck and then retiring back their mansions for the lavish lifestyle that they've become so accustomed to over the years. This is an accusation which simply cannot be levelled at a band and frontman who still expel so much energy and passion on stage as opposed to just moping around and waiting for the gig to end. Alice Cooper still love playing and making music and that much is clear to anyone who had the privilege of seeing the original line-up back together and playing for what will probably be the last ever time.