Daddy, the duo comprised of James Franco and Tim O’Keefe, has released Let Me Get What I Want – The Remixes Album. The band has also premiered Yiyang Cao’s visuals for “Lime Green Dress (Martin Van Etten Remix)”.

Let Me Get What I Want - The Remixes album follows the original project, released in March of 2016, and features credits from City of the Jaguar, Prince Rama, Martin Van Etten, Louis Sherman, B. Trust, Ted James, House of Blondes, Concret and Tim O’Keefe himself. Following the initial album’s release, Daddy revealed an accompanying film to be viewed as an hour-long artwork or as individual music videos for each track. The film stars Palo Alto High School students and is edited in a Lynchian style reminiscent of Twin Peaks.

“The making of Daddy’s remix album was a great opportunity for me to be able to collaborate with a group of close friends whose work I’ve always been inspired by,” said Tim O’Keefe of the new project, “From the artists and producers who remixed each song, to the video artists and filmmakers who took those remixes and conceived their own unique conceptual vision for a music video.” This collaboration tapped Brooklyn-based musician and producer Martin Van Etten, one-half of electronic duo The Kolour Kult. Van Etten originally remixed “Lime Green Dress” for Lifetime film High School Lover, which starred one-half of the Daddy duo, James Franco.

For the “Lime Green Dress (Martin Van Etten Remix)” visual artist Yiyang Cao utilized minimalist and hypnotic real-time videos to showcase a dark and cyberpunk inspired vision of the future in black and white. “My video is a distorted version of the original high school drama in which the narrative unfolds in a much darker and inaccessible universe,” Yiyang remarked. Using analog modular synthesis, lasers, projections and a variety of moving image techniques, Yiyang attempts to push the limits of time, structure, and perception, and provoke dimensional thought on our collective states of being.

The original release of Let Me Get What I Want was praised by Dazed & Confused, Pitchfork, VICE, Rolling Stone, V Magazine, i-D, Nylon and PAPER Magazine, who raved that, “Franco uses his lowest register to harmonize with his musical partner, Tim O’Keefe, over a new wavey synth and guitar, making for a foreboding, but sexy aesthetic.”

Daddy encompass music, film and installation art into a multimedia experience; Let Me Get What I Want is a concept album and film that tracks three characters as they weave through the dark ways of high school: love, death, and dreams. Let Me Get What I Want – The Remixes Album offers a new take on the duo’s lauded 2016 release.