Your favorite celebrities may be even more talented than you thought

Sometimes we tend to forget that famous people are normal persons, just like us. They have their own dreams, passions and hobbies and occasionally they need a creative outlet. It’s easy to understand why celebrities need a break from fame from time to time, but as it turns out, they have surprising hobbies that no one would expect. No one really thinks that Hollywood divas love to knit or that teenage superstars have a soft spot for the Rubik cube. We listed to most unexpected celebrity pastimes and we are here to share them with you.

Famous grandmas
For example, no one would expect glamorous Hollywood starlets to have old ladies hobbies. However, it turns out that Amanda Seyfried, Christina Hendricks even the young Dakota Fanning use knitting as a way to pass time. And if that wasn’t enough, Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, also knits.

Poker experts
If you are looking for a more profitable hobby take a look at Jennifer Tilly, Tobey Maguire, Shannon Elizabeth and Ben Affleck. They proved to be poker enthusiasts and they spend quite some time playing cards. And this hobby also caught the attention of various sportsmen. Gold winner swimmer, Michael Phelps and tennis player Rafael Nadal have been spotted visiting the table. However, English TV presenter Victoria Coren-Mitchell is the one who managed to exploit this passion. In 2006 she won the European Poker Tour and she became the first two-time winner of a very prestigious poker tournament. She hopes to inspire others to enter to world of poker in the future. If you want to follow her example you can start here. Maybe one day will play against Hollywood stars!

The Hollywood circus
It appears that many stars have a secret passion for circus activities. Christopher Walken was one of the first celebrities to learn circus skills, but there are others. For instance, 007 agent, actor Pierce Brosnan has some dangerous interests. As it turns out, James Bond can add eating fire on his list of skills! And there are other actors that could also join the circus. Patrick Dempsey, Steve Martin and Ellen Page have a surprising pastime: they all juggle. Singer Justin Bieber joins them as a celebrity juggler as well. And if the celebrity circus needs a clown, there is no reason to worry. Rupert Grint has some impressing tricks as he is a very good unicyclist.

The Connect Four queen
Turning back to harmless hobbies, did you know that the talented singer Beyoncé is also a talented Connect Four player? She usually plays this while she is on tour, to kill time. Apparently, she has beaten Kanye West nine times in a row before he managed to win. There is a photo of them circulating on the Internet, with Kanye posing victoriously next to the game while Beyoncé is smiling mysteriously in the background. Rumor has it that she let him win. It’s okay Kanye, she woke up like this.