Ahead of his new record The Small Hours (September 16th on Acid Jazz) Matt Berry has shared new track “The Peach and The Melon” with Brookyln Vegan having the first taste of the apple;

“The Peach and the Melon” is a song about wasted time. It is a very thinly veiled comment on organised religion/cults. The sentiment can be condensed in the lyric ‘preoccupied with looking up when it’s so clear, it’s all down here’ says Berry.

Strange things can happen during the morning twilight. Mysterious shapes appear and play tricks on the mind but it is also when the magic happens. Emerging from the darkness, Matt Berry’s new album, The Small Hours captures that awakening feeling and the moment all his wild imagination springs to life.

“The Small Hours is that time before dawn when we worry about things,” tells Matt of the album’s title and its beautifully complex and beguiling nature. “It can be an intensely quiet time so all your thoughts and fears can be amplified.” 

Following on no sooner than three years after critically-acclaimed album Kill The Wolf, the celebrated actor, comic, writer and songwriter is all set to make his musical return. The Small Hours shows what happens at the point you finally fall to sleep then emerge from said slumber. Thoughts and fears manifest as dreams, which are captured through a mystical blend of prog-rock meets folklore-pop as Matt explains; “Watching my own head being decapitated in front of me and finding a laser gun buried in the woods… there's also reference to being an entertainer but finding it increasingly difficult to be entertained by my own art form.” Recorded as live with his full band The Maypoles between Rimshot Studios in Kent and Matt’s home studio in Rotherhithe by the Thames, The Small Hours strikes a balance between traditional psych-folk with a new age sound and it’s through Matt’s musicality that everything comes together. 

Matt Berry and his band The Maypoles are touring the UK in the fall.

25th October - Birmingham, Academy 2
25th October - Sheffield, Foundry
27th October -Edinburgh, Liquid Room
28th October - Newcastle, Riverside
29th October - Middlesbrough, Teesside University
30th October - Manchester, Academy
1st November - London, KOKO
2nd November - Bristol, SWX
3rd November - Nottingham, Rescue Rooms