It's no secret that we love Then Thickens here at Glasswerk and they've just released a video for their beautiful new single 'Heaven Alive', taken from their latest album, Colic and set for release on August 19th.

The video was filmed by singer and chief songwriter Jon Lee and takes place in the back garden of his Chorley home surrounded by the band's friends and families.

Quote from Jon Lee on the video - "I find making videos incredibly uncomfortable , torturous even , it's the reason I'm in so few of them. The last video ( My Sunday , shot in an abandoned psychiatric hospital over 4 days ) was a god damn nightmare for tender nerves. I was dipping my toe and a vicious, dog sized, piranha bit my leg clean off. After that I said I'd only make another video if we did it at my house and for it not to take all bastard day!! I love the result , it's as honest as the song and I'm up for another go now."
Check it out here: