Swiss-multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Matthias Gunsch - aka nówfrago - has been writing and producing enchanting melodies for many years in the privacy of his own home.

Collecting sounds from many regions of the world such as bagpipe-playing in Copenhagen, breaking ice from the Gorner glacier and goats from remote areas of Sardegna, he has lived and worked on his music in the deserted north of Norway and in the remotest valleys of the Alps.

Due to former self-doubt in his composition and singing skills his first two albums never found their way to the public. Fortunately, we're incredibly pleased and proud to be streaming his astonishing new record 'In Love With The Blackbird' ahead of its release this week on 29th January via Zoey Records.

Darkly euphoric and musically eclectic, this deeply personal and creative collection will appeal to fans of the likes of Radiohead, Martin Grech, Bellowhead and Lambchop.

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