Pantera front man Phil Anselmo has courted controversy again with his latest gaffe at the end of a performance of hit song 'Walk' at Dimebash 2016.

Anselmo decided to end the charity night - dedicated to deceased guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott - on a "sieg heil" Nazi salute whilst screaming "white power!" at the crowd.

Youtube user Chris R uploaded a clip of the incident with the comment: "I originally cut this from my first post of WALK but i feel people deserve to see this! A very sad moment and to me ruined the night! This is not what Pantera is about!!! Absolutely uncalled for and I can see why Vinny Paul wants nothing to do with this man. Phil Anselmo you are a Racist prick!!"

Commenting from his Housecore Records account via Youtube, Anselmo hit back with a statement: "Ok folks, I'll own this one, but dammit, I was joking, and the "inside joke of the night" was because we were drinking fucking white wine, hahaha...Of all fucking things. Some of y'all need to thicken up your skin. There's plenty of fuckers to pick on with a more realistic agenda. I fucking love everyone, I fucking loathe everyone, and that's that. No apologies from me. PHA '16"

Is the front man serious or just falling foul of a tasteless joke that's blown up in his face? You decide: