Hailing from the same vibrant local scene that’s given birth to the likes of 2015 success stories Clean Cut Kid, Stealing Sheep and Outfit, Liverpool-based newcomers HAARM are streaming their debut single ‘Foxglove’ in full today.

A slick and buoyant slice of credible lo-fi pop tinged with electronica, ‘Foxglove’ is a driving effort that marks the quartet out as a serious new voice in the musical landscape of the city. Comprised of an infectiously catchy rolling bassline and drum groove that’s cushioned by delicate synths and a male/female vocal duet, it’s an extremely promising start from a fledgling band who are barely out of the gates.

With a brace of songs already under their belts and set for release in 2016, the quartet will be revealing further new music and details of forthcoming releases and appearances over the coming months.

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