Are you ready for the terrifying new track from math-rock rabble BRITNEY today guys? Honestly, we don't think you'll ever really be ready. Maybe the world will never be ready. Either way, it's bloody brilliant and you can listen to it below - if you're feeling brave.

Formed of a desire to "something obnoxious and noisy" and because according to bassist Robbie Smith, "it's always been a dream of mine to have a disgusting band called BRITNEY", it’s led to them sharing the stage with the likes of Hey Colossus, Art of Burning Water, Bad Guys, Silent Front, Alpha Male Tea Party and Cleft.

Their new album ‘BRITN3Y’ is set for release on 11th March via Superstar Destroyer Records.

Robbie explains of his approach to playing on the track: "I use two chains of effects into two amps which more or less gives the impression of a bass and a guitar at the same time. It's also given us a pretty unique sound; while the bass does sound huge and like several instruments at once, it lends itself more to single-note riffy stuff than big chords and multiple parts. That's where the vocals come in. Stewart uses a lot of effects and makes a lot of deliberate rhythmic choices that make the vocals fill the role of what a guitar might do just as much as the bass does. There are times when you can't quite tell who is making which noise, which is how we like it."

Listen to new track ‘Neon Python’ here:

Upcoming shows:

Tuesday 19th January - Nice n' Sleazy, Glasgow,with Zeus! and Droves
Saturday 30th January - Buskers, Dundee, with Fat Goth, The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel and The Shithawks
Tuesday 22nd March - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh with Elevant,