The rise of Southampton goth-punks CREEPER continues unabated with the February 19th release of the new EP ‘The Stranger’.

Their second release for Roadrunner Records UK following the sold-out EP ‘The Callous Heart’, the first taste of ‘The Stranger’ comes with the unveiling of the new track ‘Black Mass’.

“The lyrics are written from the perspective of the character of The Stranger, the heartbroken monster who is the EP’s namesake,” says vocalist Will Gould. “They’re partly inspired by recounts of sleep paralysis, where sufferers describe seeing a ‘black matter’ or ‘black mass’ haunting them in their rooms at night, while they lie paralysed in bed.”

CREEPER add to this burst of New Year momentum with the confirmation of their first London headline show of 2016 at The Barfly on March 3rd. Tickets are now on sale.