Kent based quartet The Young Hearts are set to release their debut EP 'Everything We Left Behind' through No Panic Records on the 18th December 2015 - a stirring stroll through early emo influences that ends up not far from the Moose Blood mark, we're already excited about this lot's potential.

"Releasing this record is like having a weight lifted from our shoulders" says vocalist and guitarist Craig Lawrence "They are songs that we've put a huge part of ourselves into, and there were times where we never thought they'd see the light of day."

An alternative rock band whose only desire is to create music that's heartfelt and honest, - just like their heroes in Jimmy Eat World and The Gaslight Anthem - they explain; "We know we're still kids at heart, desperately holding onto our dead end dreams, but even if there's just one person listening, we'll feel like we've achieved something."

Having formed just as 2013 was coming to an end it may seem like this EP has been a long time coming, but for The Young Hearts the journey so far hasn't been an easy one. "Since this band formed, we've had so many moments that almost stopped us before we ever really got started. From losing jobs, losing loved ones, sickness, money issues, to a near death experience; at times it felt like everything was against us".

'Everything We Left Behind' is available digitally through No Panic Records on December 18th 2015. A vinyl pressing of the record looks set to come in the New Year.