We're very pleased to be premiering the new single from Ryan Burnett and The Vanguards whose debut single 'Killers' is released on 30th October with Ryan as the face of the new Guitar Hero Live game.

Moving from Manchester to Brighton at the age of 17 on receiving a scholarship to study music, Ryan went on to form and play in several bands, recording albums and touring all over the world with previous band The Crave.

After a period in Nashville of writing and working on new material, the singer-songwriter formed The Vanguards with bandmates CJ Evans, Dan Logan and Ben Johnsen in an effort to capture a new persona. With shades of the US greats like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, they bring a contemporary twist to a classic rock sound.

The Vanguards release their debut single to coincide with the Guitar Hero Live launch, with ‘Killers’ out on 30th October 2015.