It's come to something when the best single we've heard in ages comes from 7 kids from Ulverton, Cumbria - meet Pesky!.

Not to patronise them or take away anything from their achievements, because 'Keep Me' is an absolute barn-stormer of a single, the kind of track that makes you shake your head in disbelief that children of 10, 11 and 12 are creating more exciting, insightful, affecting and emotionally charged music than a good portion of their adult peers.

A blissful summer anthem that rolls shoegaze, grunge and power-pop influences into one, it's the kind of song that The Wannadies would have cut off their feet to follow up 'The You & Me Song' with.

We have to admit there's a part of us that feels like we shouldn't be complicit in the media storm surrounding this track - it's such a carefree, heartwarming and joyous anthem that it feels kind of wrong to commodify this spirited expression of youthful art, not to mention the effect that the hype bubble can have on a person's mental health, but this track is just too good to ignore.

All we ask is that Pesky! are allowed to enjoy their music and enjoy being kids - don't grow up any time soon guys, it's a trap; just keep churning out these hits until you're old enough to really appreciate and make the most of it.

Coming out in a couple of weeks via Fierce Panda, 'Keep Me' is taken from their debut EP 'Smells Like Tween Spirit'.