LA duo by way of New Jersey, Ho99o9 specialise in the sort of terrifying proto-electro-punk that made Atari Teenage Riot such a force of nature when they burst onto the scene in the 90's.

For a taster of their out and out chaotic, apocalyptic-future take on punks rock, have a gander at the newly released video for 'Casey Jones / Cum Rag' below.

Directed by Bryan Ray Turcotte (Art of Punk / Fucked Up + Photocopied) and shot by Estevan Oriol, the video takes the band through LA to their show where they perform 'Casey Jones / Cum Rag' amongst a slew of Ho99o9 fans. A GG Allinnesque inspired performance (sans body fluids), the video is a true homage to both LA and NYC punk.

You want a punk band to get excited about? This is it.