In the latest of our new 'Our Scene' feature, Bristol collective Dizraeli & The Small Gods give us the lowdown on who we should be looking out for in the world of hip hop - expect some big names and some underground gems, plus their brand new single 'The Depths'. Let's get stuck in:

fLaKo - KuKu
I know fLaKo for his banging hiphop instrumentals but this is something completely different and insanely danceable. The future sound of dance, I hope.

Clipping feat. Cocc Pistol Cree - Work Work
Clipping make the most innovative hiphop I've heard in a long time: super intricate lyrically, dark stories and weird instrumentals, and yet catchy and pimped out at the same time. Excellent.

Kendrick Lamar - Untitled (live on the Colbert Report)
Kendrick Lamar is one of the best things to have happened to hiphop in years, and this track is so deep and so fresh. I'm going to write all the lyrics down and study them til I fully understand.

Homeboy Sandman - Anything
Homeboy Sandman doesn't give a monkey's what other people are doing or what he's expected to do. Loose, heartfelt, unpretentious wickedness.

Dizraeli & The Small Gods - The Depths
Had to include our new single which is by far the best track we've done, and accompanied by a ridiculously accomplished video by David Higgs. I'm also very proud of what the track stands for; very few hiphop acts go anywhere near the subject matter.

D.O Misiani & Shirati Jazz - Wang'ni To Iringo
Vibes! Pure vibes.

Lee Scott - Me O' Clock
Lee Scott is from Runcorn and is one of the best rappers around in the UK. Unafraid and real.

Jakaboski - Porno
Jakaboski also happens to be my housemate, but he and the Strangelove collective are making some of the best hiphop out there at the moment. Again, just so different from the UK norm.

Stro Elliot - Kamaal Coltrane
Banger! And it's a free download too. One of the many gems Bandcamp has to offer.