This is the new video for Young Knives' new single White Sands.

It was shot in an old granite quarry on Dartmoor. The video itself is based on a strange dream Henry had: "We had started a cult but it was just us three in the cult and we were really into insect husbandry. There was some meditation but we also just liked doing jackass style stunts and drinking Coke. It was really good fun but our wives were not so keen on it; they thought we spent enough time together what with the band and everything. The video is sponsored by a few big brands so you'll have to excuse the gratuitous product placement shots, but in this day and age…"

An interesting fact: The granite from this quarry was used to build London Bridge.

White Sands is the second single to be taken from their fourth album Sick Octave. This song highlights their new direction - industrial production, disquieting synth breaks, very loud guitars. White Sands has a very important message hidden within its seemingly vacuous exterior and they promise that once they've worked out what it is They'll let us know. It’s something about hedonism, the military and the power struggle between Western values and the rest of the world.

Released on white 7” vinyl, limited to 300 copies, each handmade sleeve will have an individual close-up photo of a grimy nook or cranny of their studio. No two sleeves will be the same. The B-side is an exclusive new track called ‘I Only Want Your Love’. Recorded during a late night session in January 2014, it’s the thoughts of a horny fella on a date, desperate for some kind of sign that it’s going well. Released 12th May 2014 on Gadzöök.

Last November they played a run of shows in the UK performing their new album Sick Octave from start to finish. It was a lot of fun and the addition of poetry, dance, visuals and theatrics made these shows really special. This month sees phase two of the show, but this time it’s a mixture of the new album and choice picks from their back catalogue. With ‘Sicker Octave’ they are building on the theatrics of the last show but taking it to the next level. Apparently "it’ll be a bit like We Will Rock You but with Queen actually performing their own songs and playing all the characters at the same time." Support comes from Marc Riley favourites, Brown Brogues.

Monday 24 March, LEEDS, Brudenell
Tuesday 25 March, EDINBURGH, Voodoo Rooms
Thursday 27 March, LONDON, Scala