Following a promising 2013 that included a UK tour with Californian heavy rock outfit Throw The Goat and an appearance at Bloodstock Festival, York-based quintet The Bastard Sons are pleased to announce that they will be releasing their new EP ‘Roads’ on 10th March via Kaiju Records, the follow up to their debut 6-track ‘Bones’.

“Lyrically I don’t write about my life, because who gives a fu** about a nearly thirty-something guy from York? I write about things that have happened, history” explains enthusiastic front man JJ, adding “Not as a lesson because that seems self-righteous, but things that aren’t about me. There’s been loads of teenage angst bands, and everyone’s sick of hearing it. I’m starting to write a lot more stuff about what’s happening now.”

‘Roads’ is released on 10th March via Kaiju Records.

‘Roads’ EP track list:

1. O’ Brothel Where Art Thou
2. Raise The Horse
3. Sobre La Muerte
4. Seasons End
5. IV
6. Winter