Earlier this year Ringo, officially the world's richest drummer, announced he would be opening his archive to share a lifetime of photography.

Ringo will now be releasing a brand new book entitled 'Photograph' (-20 points for originality Rich) that tells us the stories behind more than 240 pictures. Each copy of the book is traditionally hand-bound, numbered, then signed by the author.

‘I love putting pictures together to show different times of my life' says the former Beatle 'I was just taking shots because I liked to take shots, and now it’s turned into this, which is great.'

‘We made some incredible music. The songs are still relevant; the kids are listening to the music today. It worked. And there were many, many magic moments, when it really worked.’

Ringo’s PHOTOGRAPH launches this autumn, with special events hosted in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Readers can find out more, and order now, at RingoPhotoBook.com.

The book will be priced £345, though all proceeds do go to charity.