Described as ‘Dad's Army Spacerock, futurised revisionism and born at various junctures between 1957 and 1984, the age range and experience encased within this mysterious 8 piece, would put many of today's more established reformers to shame. Reaction to their debut single ‘Dolly Dynamite’ this summer was huge. From widespread critical acclaim to Q Radio plays the music media were pretty much on board the good ship Tuesday Club from the off. The icing on the cake for their debut year? An exclusive Loaded TV set recorded at the end of 2012 and broadcast in the Morecambe and Wise slot on Boxing day, well what did you expect?

"It's all about the music, we are deadly serious about our commitment to each other, but that certainly doesn't mean we can't do it with a smile". enthuses front man Andreas Vanderbraindrain. "There's too much pomposity, too much sucked in cheek blue steel ethic, especially in London . The Tuesday Club just play for the love and the joy, we set our phasers on FUN and go for it, it's time for ‘New’ Glamour... that's where 6ft chanteuse The Minx comes in darlings… ‘GLAMOUR with a capital G’

The whole band have a look and style that falls somewhere between The Rocky Horror show, Oh Boy!, Carry on Screaming, a BBC period drama and Dad’s Army. The Tuesday’s certainly give off a refreshing air of who cares, which has got to be worth something in today’s dark days of austerity!

The Tuesday Club are: Glabrous Fabulous - Thud Bass, Wasabi Penis - Heavy Lead, The Beautiful Wolf - Twang Bass, Andreas Vanderbraindrain – Vocals, Tittybar Telski -drums, The Minx -Vocals and Cowbell, J-Rod - Jangle lead,
Jerry Berry - Keys