Posted Friday 6th of Sep 2013 by in Video

Katy Perry Gets Eye Of The Tiger In Roar Video

We like Katy Perry here at Glasswerk. She's pretty much the pinnacle of ludicrous, pompous pop music - and that's ok.

Like previous hit Fireworks, new single Roar is an epic stomper that can only really be pulled off by someone completely and unashamedly enveloped in the pop bubble.

The accompanying video is too ridiculous to be accurately described, so you'd better just watch Ms. Perry flouncing around the jungle in a leopard print leotard while she hunts with a stiletto spear and batters a tiger into submission.

One thing though Katy, if you insist on wearing leopard print you might want to lay off the make-up and hair extensions - Desperate Scousewife ain't a good look.

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