Entitled "The Paddington Frisk" (the name given to the ‘dance’ performed by the twitching bodies of poor wretches fighting for life as they hung from the gallows at Tyburn), the first new track to be unveiled by Enter Shikari ventures to the less frequently heard extremes of the Shikari sound, as the band call upon the hardcore-punk-rooted corner of their influences to deliver a short, sharp shock that once again establishes their position as a band impossible to second guess and unwilling to be pinned down.

"The Paddington Frisk" will be let loose on the evening on Thursday 4th April via iTunes, YouTube and link. More details will be available nearer the time.

The forthcoming April tour will be the band’s last extended stint of UK headline shows for quite some time, with the remainder of the year filled by grappling with writing for album #4, playing summer festivals across Europe and the UK (including headlining the Second Stage at 2013’s Download Festival), and focusing on their personal lives for a short while.