San Diego rock group Angels & Airwaves have released their much anticipated music video for “Surrender,” the lead single off their latest album Love Part Two.

Check out the video here - link

Set amongst opposing scenes of passionate youth rioting and dancing in the streets, the video, as lead singer Tom DeLonge explains it, "is based on young revolution. The idea that young people are speaking their minds...and that young people across the Globe will still find a way to celebrate even when they're living their worst day."

The band enlisted director William Eubank to create the video. Eubank is previously known for teaming up with the band to create their critically acclaimed, independent feature film Love that was released in conjunction with the Angels & Airwaves double album Love Part One and Two.

“Surrender“ was shot in Los Angeles at the old Herald Examiner Building, and at the La Mirage dry lakebed outside of Barstow. Indy film fans may catch the quick cameo by Evan Glodell and the Medusa car from the movie Bellflower.

You can also take a look at the making of the video here - link

Surrender is taken from the band's album 'Love part 2', available to buy with 'Love Part 1'from iTunes here - link

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