Collide are starting a new remix contest! This is the first remix contest the band have had since 2004 for their double album release of Vortex which contained cover songs and largely, remixes from their second and third albums respectively.

This new contest is for anyone who can remix something from their past two albums Counting to Zero, as well as Two Headed Monster.

Winning remixes get their remix featured on an upcoming Collide remix album, and will also get $200 worth of Collide and/or Saints & Sinners merchandise from their online store at link.

To enter this contest, here's what you have to do:

Email the band at mail, and let them know your top 3 songs that you'd like to remix from each album. (You can only pick from Counting to Zero & Two Headed Monster) Don't message on Facebook or Twitter. Soon after they hear from you, the band will send you an email to let you know where to download the remix parts. The contest ends on March 15th, and you can submit more than on remix or song, if you feel like it.

The news doesn't end there. You can also vote for Collide to have their new video for "Mind Games" to get into rotation at MTV in the following week, IF they get enough votes on their site.

The voting is for the next installment of the MTV new artists show, The Freshmen. The show spotlights emerging artists on air and online, with the chance for one of the videos to get an automatic add into rotation on the channel the following week. Please vote online, starting NOW, and votes will end on Friday at 2:00 PM (EST) and be tabulated.

Vote Here: link