Jim Ward's musical career started in 1994 when he formed a little band with friend Cedric Bixler called At The Drive-In. In the seven years that followed, they spearheaded a brand new genre of punk/hardcore and amassed a worldwide following to rival anyone's.

After ATDI disbanded, Ward went on to front Sparta and Sleepercar before settling into life as a solo artist. He has since set up his own recording studio, opened a local bar with his face and friends and embraced his DIY roots by setting up tembloroso.com - an online shop to highlight El Paso's local artists and musicians.

Jim Ward is to release his brand new album Quiet in the Valley, on the Shores the End Begins on August 1st through Xtra Mile Recordings.

The album brings together his critically acclaimed EP trilogy - 2007's Quiet, 2009's In the Valley, on the Shores and 2011's The End Begins. Recorded and produced by good friend Gabe Gonzalez in their own Clap of Thunder studios in El Paso, Texas, the fourteen track album showcases the range of styles and musicianship at Ward's disposal.