Posted Tuesday 15th of Feb 2011 by in News

Introducing... Queen Of Hearts

Dead heading other English roses with incisions of inch perfect pop, Queen Of Hearts is a blue blooded, gilt-edged bid for the throne.

Arriving on the scene with the darkly appealing electro gem Freestyle – written with Hypemachine regular Dreamtrak – Queen Of Hearts appears resplendent and bejewelled, lighting the torch for high concept, couture pop.

With her soaring ‘ballads to a beat’ channelling the dance floor euphoria and the underlying melancholy of Disco, Queen Of Hearts is eminently danceable, infinitely memorable and ultimately beguiling.

A prolific song writing talent, she has already collaborated with Ercola (Annie), Johan Agebjorn (Sally Shapiro), Fear Of Tigers (Kylie), Dreamtrak and Diamond Cut.

The Last Day Of Summer, a collaboration with Agebjorn and Ercola will be released in May on Paper Bag.

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