Small Morris releases his breathtaking new single Feelin’ Me, supported with a full scale video release directed by Matt Watson in late Feb 2011.

Born in Harare Zimbabwe in 1987, Small Morris grew up in the small town called Gokwe were he lived for 10 years. This is the town he started his career as a rapper. Living in the streets with politics violence and gang violence, Small Morris started writing lyrics at the age of 13yrs old with his brother Ian who helped him find his rap style. Small Morris moved to the capital of Zimbabwe Harare were he lived in the hood of Warren Park. That’s were he started writing his music before moving to Hereford England with his family to get a better living and that’s were he got a chance to improve his career in the studio.

He started making music at the age of 16yrs old, that’s when he met with MONKEY NUTS,NAZTY and METH KILLEH and they formed D.R.C. (DOPE RAPPERS CLICK) and they made a mixtape together called THE DOPE MIXTAPE VOL.1.They started working with a label were Small Morris recorded his 1st album called Mirror @ His Graveside which was never released. Small Morris started getting radio play and interviews on BBC Hereford & Worcester and the DJ’s were soon name checking and loving his music. Club DJ’s joined the clamour, demanding more from Small Morris and D.R.C. Greyeagle Recordings soon snapped up the rising protegy and Feelin’ Me is the first official release from Small Morris via the label.

Small Morris is going from strength to strength, from Supporting Lethal Bizzle on his Back to Business Tour in 2007, to having his previous single played on MTV Base Europe and UK. Within Fizz TV and Channel U Top 20 charts and to performing on Red Room TV Music show on Sky TV. He has already built up a very strong following and is heading for great things. Small Morris is in the studio recording his debut Album (The Beginning) which is being produced by P3P, K.U.D.A, HI-FLY AND YUNG CASH THA PRINCE/CASHDAWG PRODUCTIONS.

Small Morris is also in the studio with D.R.C recording their album and have got their debut track video to shoot including Small Morris 2nd single to be released later in 2011