Let's be honest whether you liked Oasis or not or even if you didn't like Liam Gallagher's swagger and his cigarettes and alcohol vocals, you are definitely going to be keeping a 'beady eye' over Liam's new band – Beady Eye.

If you are unaware, the band has offered a FREE, yes FREE, download of their new material, a song entitled 'Bring the Light'. All you have to do is sign up to the band's website and follow the links on the home page. It's a good way to get a feel and understanding of whether Beady Eye are going to move on from Oasis or fall flat without Noel's phenomenal song-writing which without question put Oasis in British rock music history.

The band have also announced dates for a tour in the UK and Europe in 2011 around the March time. Again though it must be noted that their new album is still set for a 2011 release date but leaks on the web have led many to believe that the release is set for an April/May 2011 release.

Whether you liked Oasis or not you will be more than likely checking out Beady Eye in 2011, and although this for the tips for the top of 2011, it can also be argued that Beady Eye can be tips for the flop of 2011 with Noel laughing away in the background if this were the case.. but for the time being that's hope they do good!