In a mammoth celebration of the Christmas season, Ultimate Boogie Nights will play host to three super-acts of their respective musical genres, for one night only at the IndigO2, at the O2 on 17th December 2010.

The Sugarhill Gang are the phenomenal 3-piece rap collective that heralded hip hop and were the first rappers to receive commercial success with their anthemic single ‘Rapper’s Delight’ in 1979. The band were instrumental in making hip hop music accessible to the masses and their reign continued with infectious jams such as ‘Apache’ (Jump On It) – as made popular through a dance skit in actor Will Smith’s early 80’s comedy ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ - and the classic track‘8th Wonder’ which rapper Busta Rhymes samples in ‘Woo Ha’.

Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King burst into the music scene in 1977 with her certified gold single ‘Shame’ which peaked at #9 on the Billboard Chart. She then went on to record more disco hits including ‘I Don’t Know If It’s Right’ ‘I’m In Love’ and ‘Love Come Down’. Discovered at just 16 years old in the washroom of the Philadelphia International Records base, Evelyn was signed to Sony RCA and a fruitful career of dance smashes followed. Evelyn was recently inducted into the official Dance Music Hall of Fame with ‘Shame’.

Jazz trumpeter and Funk master Tom Browne’s rise to prominence came with the feel-good jam ‘Funkin For Jamaica’ released in 1980, the track written by Browne, with vocals from Tonni Smith. The track is now synonymous with quintessential 80’s funk and was even reworked in 2001 by Mariah Carey for her ‘Glitter’ album. Tom’s other Funk smashes include the South African inspired ‘Fungi Mama’ and smooth grooved ‘Bye Gones’, while boasting 10 albums under his belt spanning from 1979 with ‘Browne Sugar’ in 1979 through to ‘R ‘N’ Browne in 1999. As a live instrumentalist as well as singer, the great detail and finesse is Tom’s music is absolutely brought to life when heard live.

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