While many artists spend years twiddling their thumbs, whittling and fine tuning their albums, Swedish electro pop act Robyn manages to knock out three in the space of a year.

Abandoning the typical album with a bucket load of singles format, Robyn has decided to keep us guessing by releasing three short albums (Body Talk Parts 1,2 & 3) with only one single from each.

With the traditional album pretty much at death's door thanks to downloads, Robyn's brainwave could be seen as a plausible, profitable and alternative.

The last installment is about to hit the shelves and it's single Indestructible does not disappoint. Guaranteed to be a hit, the catchy tune sounds like something Kylie would sell her granny to get her hands on.

Accompanied by a suitably quirky video where the pretty pop sensation is wrapped up in a strange arrangement of tubes, Indestructible shows off what Robyn continues to do best, quality electro pop.

Despite her coy appearance, the charming, pixie-esque Swedish pop star should not be underestimated. Underneath her catchy electro beats and sweet vocals she is a shrewd operator. Quietly plugging away with reasonable success in her Swedish homeland since the late nineties it wasn't until the release of her 2005 single With Every Heartbeat that Robyn hit the pop world with a bang.

The release of the first two parts of Body Talk wet our appetites for the concluding part of the trilogy. The single Dancing On My Own in particular received huge attention in America after it's use on popular teen drama Gossip Girl.

An acoustic version of Indestructible was included on Body Talk Part 2, but it's the addictive, danceable electro single version that will saturate the airwaves and dance floors for the foreseeable future. Indestructible goes on worldwide release on November 22.