Whether you love her or hate her, 2010 for Lady Gaga has been a success story if its own.

Lady Gaga has been honoured as the most played artist over the past year, in UK Radio, with help from her two time UK number one, ‘Bad Romance’. Recently the record has being showered with awards, including a VMA for ‘Video of the Year’.

According to Nielsen Music, the singer got 275,000 plays in within the last 12 months. Annually they announce the winner in Manchester during the Radio Festival held in the city.

The international marketing manager from Nielsen Music, Helena Kosinki spoke about this award and said: "Lady Gaga has had phenomenal success during 2010, ratcheting up an enormous number of radio plays in the last year."

Other artists have now been forced to push any other boundaries of modern music before the typical New Yorker does it for them in her casual 15 inch high heels and butchered meat dress.